Hardev Randhawa CAC II

Hardev Randhawa CAC II is the founder and Director of Path to Freedom Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre. He founded Path to Freedom in 1996 and since then, he has helped thousands of men who have walked through the doors.

Hardev believes and his experience shows that there are at least 20 people who suffer alongside the alcoholic and drug addict. As the alcoholic and drug addict works on themselves in recovery the family as well starts to recover. Hardev puts a lot of energy and emphasis on the family unit recovering together.

As he is in recovery himself, he believes in drawing on his own life experiences to connect with the clients and support them in their recovery as well.

Hardev’s mission statement at Path To Freedom is to walk alongside the alcoholic and drug addict in their journey of recovery. This involves the return to their family, and being productive members of the community.