addiction_definitionAlcoholics and drug-addicted men in the grip of this disease are in need of extensive help and guidance if they are to successfully recover and rejoin their community. Completely devastated by their illness mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, they are at the point where they are willing to grasp recovery. Due to the many losses they have suffered, relapse can occur when the recovering alcoholic and drug addicted person starts a premature attempt at a self-directed recovery.

The obstacles that confront such a person are many and failure to overcome them can result in homelessness, family breakup and increasing marginalization leading to relapse. Even small difficulties become impossible; transportation, identification, medical coverage, shelter, clothing, adequate nutrition, financial and legal issues, untreated medical conditions among a host of others.

Due to a devastating loss of self-esteem and confidence these alcoholics and addicts are unable to perform many tasks. At Path to Freedom we provide a structured environment which rebuilds self -esteem and confidence. By the time a client leaves here he has regained the life skills needed to succeed in the real world. This along with the A.A. program gives back a whole person to society. addiction_recoveryInstead of spending the rest of their lives being funded by one government program or another, we believe people can change and become useful members of society.

Alcohol and drug addiction affects men and woman of any ethnic background, religion, status, creed, or race. Addiction is not bias and does not care if you are a lawyer, doctor or a plumber. There is help and you can recover from this problem.