040At Path To Freedom, we offer a comprehensive 90-day in house facility treatment program, with daily activities that are centered around recovery and learning how to stay in recovery. The option for extended care is available. We want clients to find more than just treatment – we want them to find recovery, build a support team that can help them through daily struggles and ensure that sobriety is their ultimate goal.

Prolonged mental and physical impairment due to acute addiction or alcoholism markedly restricts the ability to perform basic activities of daily living. Most are unable to perceive, think, remember or manage personal affairs. We believe it is necessary for the recovering alcoholic or addict to undergo a profound alteration of their perception of life and to acquire spiritual values, while respecting personal religious, cultural, and moral values.

Program Objectives

At Path to Freedom we offer a 90- day program where clients are given a structured environment with restrictions designed to enhance their experience and encourage them to work on their recovery. As well, some household tasks are assigned to each individual to build self-discipline in their daily lives.

Clients are required to attend daily Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings to build a support system that they will be able to make use of when they re-enter the community. The key to staying sober is to have the right tools and make sure that you use them. We provide our clients with all the tools they need to stay sober and return as useful members of society.

The prevalence of alcohol and drugs in our communities means that those in recovery are in danger of exposure. We diligently maintain an environment that is drug and alcohol free. Our policy is ZERO TOLERANCE. All medications are screened and dispensed by the staff. In-house random alcohol and drug tests are used to maintain this policy.

Our focus is to make and create a safe environment for alcoholics and drug addicts to come and learn how to stay and live sober. As a fully licensed facility, Path To Freedom abides by Canadian laws to ensure that the facility is run with proper rules and regulations. Not only do we have to abide by rules but we ensure that our clients have structure and guidance to help them become useful members of society that can help others recover from addiction.